Frequently asked questions – installing my chandelier

As this is one of our most popular blogs and a question we are asked frequently I thought I would repost this one. We have covered previously in our blogs about the components you need to purchase to hang your chandelier and in that post we explained some of the things you had to take in to account, so please read through our other posts as these will go hand in hand with this one.

One of our most frequent questions we are asked is “what hook do I need and how do I install the chandelier?”

For the very light chandeliers and light fittings we have a range of hooks and fittings, each displaying the maximum weight load they can take – please take these calculations seriously they are for your assistance BUT ALWAYS load test before installing.

For chandeliers and light fittings over 5kg’s we would recommend the use of your ceiling joists to help accommodate the weight of the chandelier.  For chandeliers up to 20kg open and closed bolt loops are appropriate, please see links below, as the weight of the chandelier increases so to does the size of the bolt loop and so as you increase over  20kgs you will move onto the heavy duty open and closed bolt loops.

Remember – you do not just weight load before installing but intermittently during the installation of the fixings to make sure they are correctly secured.

On occasion you may come across difficult to access ceilings i.e. under floor heating or concrete floors, whilst we cannot give detailed assistance as site visits have not been completed we may on occasion be able to source the specialist fixings required.

Once having installed via the joist you will want to ensure that the ceiling entry point is disguised and for this you will need one of our metal ceiling roses with strap or ceiling domes.  You will need to customise your ceiling rose/dome by enlarging the centre hole to accommodate your chain and cable.,-ceiling-plate-hooks/,-hooks-and-shackles/3/0/

Marie Theresa Chandelier Restoration – Glass Ribs

What do I need glass ribs for? The Marie Theresa chandeliers were first introduced in Austria in the 18th century and rather than having complete glass arms the Marie Theresa chandelier is a metal frame that is faced with crystal or glass ribs and separate rosette flowers.

The ribs were traditionally produced by hand in long glass lengths and snapped to size to fit the arms in segments, you may see on your chandelier that there are varying lengths of rib, this was to allow for the best fit to the individual shape of arm.

You will note that the ribs have a narrow hollow centre to pass thin wire through to tie them into place with glass flower rosettes being placed over the rib joins to help secure the ribs in place and cover the join.

With the ribs being tied either side of the metal arm a hollow ridge is created which allows the electrical cable sit in place.

The photos show a wall light arm that is being stripped for restoration showing ribs in place and the frame beneath. Marie Theresa rosettes and pendalogues will be covered in a further blog so follow us for notifications on our new blogs

Marie Theresa glass ribs are available to purchase from ourselves but due to wide range of sizes and cuts please contact us for further details.

What Are The Parts Of A Chandelier Called?

The word chandelier derives from the French word which itself is derived from a Latin word and entered the English language in 1736. You will find that the parts of a chandelier may be known by several names and with Google being used by many to search for parts for their chandeliers these names will appear more or less frequently than others. There will also be some differences dependant on the type and style of your chandelier, whether it is crystal, brass or glass, antique or modern.

Pendants, Lustres, Prisms and chandelier arms are going to be some of the most common names you will come across. To help with some of the basic terminology used on our website I have linked below the chandelier sketch that we show on our website.

Chandelier diagram part names Top Canopy crystal chains candle tubes bobeche chandelier arm

We also have an information page on our website that details the names and terminology in more detail, with a brief description of the purpose/use of each part. This page can be viewed at This page also features links to the relevant section on our website for allow easy ordering.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, 01206332938, or email us via

Restoring Family Heirlooms

We love hearing the history behind our customers chandelier projects and were delighted to be able to help one young lady restore her Grandad’s chandelier to install in her own home. The chandelier was almost complete and she had watched our “How To” videos so phoned us to go through the parts that she needed and to reassure herself that the pins and pliers she had added to her basket were the correct size.

The chandelier was missing a few antique half Albert pendants, hand cut buttons and crystal bottom finial, all of which we had in stock.

We were able to recommend the lamp holder and chain in the most suitable finish together with ceiling roses for both this chandelier and another she was having installed at the same time.

Here are some photo’s she sent over of the restored chandelier once it was installed. She says the photos do not do the chandelier justice!

If you need chandelier parts and cannot find the sizes that you need on our website please contact us as we have lots of stock waiting to be added to the website! Telephone 01206332938 to discuss your chandelier restoration project.

Half Albert Pendants Supplied By King’s Chandelier Services

Chandelier Installation – What Do You Mean Have I Weight Load Tested?

I think it is fair to say that most of us have seen the Only Fools And Horses episode where the chandelier falls to the ground, what you may not know however that this was, allegedly, based on a true event. Sadly over the years we too have received calls asking for help where peoples chandeliers have come down, sometimes with devastating results so this blog is to explain what we mean when we tell you that products used in the installation of chandeliers and light fittings should be weight load tested.

Whenever you are installing a chandelier or light fitting you need to ensure that the components you are using in the install are suitable for the project and capable of holding the weight. Our advise to our customers is to always purchase items that have a higher weight load capacity BUT that they should STILL weight load test AND that they should weight load any other components they are using even if they have used them previously.

So what do we mean? Basically you want to make sure that the components you are going to use can take the weight of the chandelier. To do this you need to suspend a weight that is at least equal to your chandelier, but preferably a little heavier, from the components for a period of time. This should be a least a couple hours for lighter weight chandeliers and a longer period for heavier items – but there is not a set time period. What you are looking for is any movement in the components for example are the chain links staying in place on the chain and not opening up. The time period is whatever you and your installation team are happy with, but do not rush it.

Once you have the components fitted in place ready to hang the chandelier/light fitting you should weight load test AGAIN – this is to make sure you have fitted them correctly before suspending the light fitting. This time you are looking to make sure that there is not any movement in the points you have fitted into, for example no splitting in wooden beams, bolts sliding down because they are not secured into place tightly enough etc.

Once your chandelier is hung you should regularly check the fittings and when you are cleaning the chandelier remember You move around the chandelier do NOT move the chandelier around to you!

Tip:- to reassure yourself that the products/fixing points have not experienced any movement take a photo before the load testing procedures and you can then compare to the before photo.

The chain below has a 20kg weight load rating and this is how it looked after weight load testing to that weight – no movement:-

Correct Way To Use Chandelier Candle Tubes/Sleeves

We have received a few enquiries on how chandelier candle tubes should be used, this short guide covers our whole candle tube range. Chandeliers were originally lit by candles and the candle tube is designed to help give the illusion of a candle by covering the electrical lamp holder with the bulb signifying the candle flame.

  1. Glass candle tubes are NOT designed to have the light bulb inside the candle tube sleeve for the light to “shine through” the sleeve. The bulb should protrude from the top of ALL of our chandelier candle tubes no exceptions.
  2. We recommend that the candle tube sleeve should be a minimum of 0.50mm WIDER than the external diameter of your lamp holder at the widest point. You can go wider but not narrower.
  3. We recommend that your light bulb does not come in direct contact with the candle tube but has a couple of millimetre clearance
  4. Our chandelier candle tube range includes glass, plastic, card and metal in a variety of finishes and sizes; the choice of which material candle sleeve to have is a personal choice however if you would like to ask any questions before making your decision please contact us.
  5. Finally our range of chandelier candle tubes are NOT suitable for naked flame candles, if you have a candle chandelier please contact us to discuss your options.
  6. Below are images to show how effect you are trying to achieve

How To Revitalise Your Chandelier

Good Morning All I am writing this blog after reading various blogs and articles and blogs about upcycling, decorating on a budget etc, including Stacey Solomon’s where she is working on Pickle Cottage, and this got me to thinking about some of the comments and questions that I receive from customers about their chandeliers and the misconception that they may have in the cost refurbishing or repairing them.

Now whilst the title is how to revitalise your chandelier this blog is also appropriate for crystal and glass shades, candelabra etc.

For some of our customers chandeliers are a hobby, for some a business, others may have inherited them from family members or with a property they have purchased and others they are in a place of work. The ideas below range from costing relatively little to the more expensive and from needing no experience to perhaps requiring professional services. I may have covered an idea in a more detailed blog and if so I will pop in a link to the blog and/or links to our website.

  1. Clean your chandelier, you will be surprised what a difference it can make and it doesn’t cost very much if you are able to do it yourself! A regular customer called me in the week to say she had purchased a chandelier from an online auction thinking it was made up of Amber crystals and when she received it and started to clean it it was heavily nicotine stained and a most gorgeous piece. We regularly see the same thing and covered this in a blog some years ago

2. Now your chandelier is sparkling clean hopefully you will have fallen back in love with it. Now you can look to see if any of the crystals are missing. This does not need to be expensive and our website has a large selection starting from relatively little,

3. So your chandelier is lovely and clean but your candle tubes are letting it down by being grubby, damaged or just not the finish you are looking to show. Our range of candle tubes include glass, card, metal and plastic in different colours and finishes. Our website features gold gild, black, cream, white, magnolia, antique and modern finishes in red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink. These colours are exclusive to ourselves – need a colour not shown on our website? Contact us we may be able to do other colours!

Don’t discard your chandelier if you have redecorated your room, above we have covered 3 of the cheapest and easier ways of revitalising your chandelier, cleaning, replacing missing crystals and new candle tubes but there are other things you can do:-

  1. If your chandelier has a chain you could replace this (please make sure you know the weight first) If your chandelier doesn’t currently have a chain can the height of your room accommodate the chandelier hanging lower from the ceiling,-hooks-and-shackles/
  2. We sell a large range of ceiling roses and ceiling hook plates in both traditional and modern colours, again you need to know the weight of your chandelier or light fitting (they look great with the tiffany style fly catcher shades) This will help make a focal point on your ceiling,-ceiling-plate-hooks/ although not essential you could top this off with one of our hand turned wooden ceiling pattress’ (great for covering marks left from removing a previous light fitting),-ceiling-roses,-fittings/
  3. If you do not have experience with electrics this one is a bit more expensive if you require an electrician but changing the electrical cable to a colour complimenting your decor is another option, our website features many colours and we are happy to discuss these with you to help you make your choice
  4. If you want to change the look of your chandelier or bring a bit more bling to the room you can look at changing some of the crystals or introduce more to the style – the colours produced by our crystals will give you rainbows across the room when hit by the sunshine – pop some of our crystal suncatchers in your windows and the colours will bounce around the room
  5. I have left this one until last just because it is more time consuming and takes a bit of practise if you have not done anything similar in the past, chandelier crystal pinning. Repinning your chandelier can either be done in pins, rings or bow tie clips. Our “How To” video’s feature one on pinning

Many of our customers who have restored their own chandeliers have found that they love this new hobby and turn it into an additional income, buying from ourselves there is not a minimum order level, we have a lifetime customer loyalty discount scheme and many of our products are postage free.

A Peek Behind The Scenes – Murano Chandelier Parts

Milky Blue Murano Chandelier Body Parts
Antique Murano Flowers and Leaves
Murano Chandelier Parts (
Original Edwardian Murano Chandelier Gallery

Visit our antique Murano Chandelier parts category – split to sub categories and updated regularly.

Having purchased an extensive antique Murano chandelier parts collection we are working through the collection cleaning and grading them so the pieces can be correctly sorted.

They are then separated into colour, style, matching pieces, condition and finally those that are being retained to rebuild chandeliers using the original parts and those that will be added to the website. The pieces that are to be added to the website then need to be photographed and measured.

Due to the sheer size of the collection it will take quite some time to get everything added to the website so do please contact us if you are looking for a particular piece of Murano and we will be able to check for the closest match

Buying Direct From King’s Chandelier Services Ltd

As the UK gradually comes out of lockdown we all continue to face individual challenges and consumers are being urged to buy local as much as they can and to support UK business but we are not always being told the advantages of doing this so I thought today I would outline the advantages of buying direct from King’s Chandelier Services Ltd.

I started writing this blog whilst on hold for an unreasonable length of time after being transferred from one department to another feeling rather frustrated as I could not speak to the same person I had spoken to several days earlier!

As a family business we endeavour to keep in mind the type of things that we appreciate when dealing with business’ and those that frustrate us.

On a day to day basis it would be myself, Nikki, that you speak with or communicate with via email this is so that I can familiarise myself with your projects, queries and orders and hopefully reduce any frustration from repeating details. It also gives you one point of contact, using this system we have been able to assist customers with repeat orders, specialist parts coming into stock and having the flexibility to speak to customers outside of standard office hours and arranging next day deliveries.

When you order from ourselves not only will you receive the personal customer service you can be assured that the products that your purchase are all items that Andy either uses when restoring chandeliers or has tested before allowing them to be sold by ourselves.

Our electrical cables are UK manufactured and in the main our lamp holders, ceiling roses and metal turned parts are also UK manufactured, we only stock components that Andy would use whether from our economy ranges or our elite ranges.

Our antique chandelier crystal parts are genuine parts to help retain chandelier valuations, new production parts are detailed in a separate category.

We are happy to assist you in choosing the parts and components for your lighting projects, assistance prior to purchase can reduce purchase errors.

Purchasing direct rather than via a third party allows you to speak to us personally, this is not something that is permitted when using a third party site . It will allow you to benefit from exclusive website deals and provide more flexibility on order exchanges and alterations as we can be more flexible on direct orders. Direct orders count towards our Lifetime Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme.

Our website is a member of the Trusted Commerce Scheme. We are at the end of the telephone line (01206332938) or email,

Measuring Victorian Crystal Buttons

Friday evening measuring high quality Victorian crystal round buttons for both customers and our website – a total of 378 buttons checked, cleaned and measured! Visit our website for further details on sizes available and prices

Round Double Point Button (

Help in ordering from our website

Not everyone is confident using the internet and placing orders on line so we thought we would put together a short information video, believe these are called infographic videos! A learning curve for ourselves putting this together but hopefully it helps and we are available to take telephone orders if you prefer.