A Peek Behind The Scenes – Murano Chandelier Parts

Milky Blue Murano Chandelier Body Parts
Antique Murano Flowers and Leaves
Murano Chandelier Parts (kingschandeliers.co.uk)
Original Edwardian Murano Chandelier Gallery

Visit our antique Murano Chandelier parts category – split to sub categories and updated regularly.

Having purchased an extensive antique Murano chandelier parts collection we are working through the collection cleaning and grading them so the pieces can be correctly sorted.

They are then separated into colour, style, matching pieces, condition and finally those that are being retained to rebuild chandeliers using the original parts and those that will be added to the website. The pieces that are to be added to the website then need to be photographed and measured.

Due to the sheer size of the collection it will take quite some time to get everything added to the website so do please contact us if you are looking for a particular piece of Murano and we will be able to check for the closest match

Buying Direct From King’s Chandelier Services Ltd

As the UK gradually comes out of lockdown we all continue to face individual challenges and consumers are being urged to buy local as much as they can and to support UK business but we are not always being told the advantages of doing this so I thought today I would outline the advantages of buying direct from King’s Chandelier Services Ltd.

I started writing this blog whilst on hold for an unreasonable length of time after being transferred from one department to another feeling rather frustrated as I could not speak to the same person I had spoken to several days earlier!

As a family business we endeavour to keep in mind the type of things that we appreciate when dealing with business’ and those that frustrate us.

On a day to day basis it would be myself, Nikki, that you speak with or communicate with via email this is so that I can familiarise myself with your projects, queries and orders and hopefully reduce any frustration from repeating details. It also gives you one point of contact, using this system we have been able to assist customers with repeat orders, specialist parts coming into stock and having the flexibility to speak to customers outside of standard office hours and arranging next day deliveries.

When you order from ourselves not only will you receive the personal customer service you can be assured that the products that your purchase are all items that Andy either uses when restoring chandeliers or has tested before allowing them to be sold by ourselves.

Our electrical cables are UK manufactured and in the main our lamp holders, ceiling roses and metal turned parts are also UK manufactured, we only stock components that Andy would use whether from our economy ranges or our elite ranges.

Our antique chandelier crystal parts are genuine parts to help retain chandelier valuations, new production parts are detailed in a separate category.

We are happy to assist you in choosing the parts and components for your lighting projects, assistance prior to purchase can reduce purchase errors.

Purchasing direct rather than via a third party allows you to speak to us personally, this is not something that is permitted when using a third party site . It will allow you to benefit from exclusive website deals and provide more flexibility on order exchanges and alterations as we can be more flexible on direct orders. Direct orders count towards our Lifetime Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme.

Our website is a member of the Trusted Commerce Scheme. We are at the end of the telephone line (01206332938) or email, info@kingschandeliers.co.uk

Measuring Victorian Crystal Buttons

Friday evening measuring high quality Victorian crystal round buttons for both customers and our website – a total of 378 buttons checked, cleaned and measured! Visit our website for further details on sizes available and prices

Round Double Point Button (kingschandeliers.co.uk)

Help in ordering from our website

Not everyone is confident using the internet and placing orders on line so we thought we would put together a short information video, believe these are called infographic videos! A learning curve for ourselves putting this together but hopefully it helps and we are available to take telephone orders if you prefer.

Chandeliers and Lighting Projects

It has been a long time since we added to our blog – our apologies for this. During the difficult times of the last 18 months we have seen an increase in the number of people working on lighting projects. The projects and people have been diverse from people looking for things to occupy them whilst in lockdown, professionals tasked with premise refurbishments whilst they cannot be open to the public, side hustles to new business’ and careers, antique and lighting dealers catching up on side-lined projects etc. We, ourselves, have been and continue to work on chandelier refurbishments and restorations.

We like to think we have assisted our customers in making their choices on which products and parts to purchase to enhance their project be it for installation, refurbishment to complete restoration.

For example we have customers that have incomplete chandeliers that rather than throw away, as they intended, they have purchased items from ourselves and either kept and installed in their own homes, gifted to family members or gone on to sell for considerably more than they imagined – all without breaking the bank!

Now that car boot sales, charity shops and auctions have re-opened you may be able to pick up a bargain (one of our regular customers who loves visiting her local car boots has just been in touch to let us know she has picked up a pair of Marie Theresa Chandeliers that she needs some parts for – she got them on her seconding outing!)

With this all in mind we thought we would go through the questions that we have regularly been asked, by hobbyists and professionals alike that may help you with your lighting projects. Some of these will be new blogs some will be revisiting and updating old blogs but hopefully you will find them both interesting and informative and we will be able post on a regular basis.

The first subject will be posted shortly, if there is a subject you would like us to look at including please email info@kingschandeliers.co.uk with WordPress in the title.

Adjusting the height of your lamp holder

Last week a customer contacted us with a problem he was experiencing whilst restoring his antique chandeliers.  His existing candle tubes were tall and he wished to retain the height but he was uncertain as to which lamp holders he should purchase as he could not find one with the appropriate height.  After taking all the details from him we were able to recommend our SES E14 lamp holder with stem leg in 100mm together with additional components that would allow this to become an adjustable height lamp holder with a height range, in his case, of up to 180mm.

Following his enquiry, and having had similar enquiries in the past we added 3 sizes of adjustable SES E14 lamp holder kits giving a choice of 125mm up to 180mm for use with taller candle tubes.

click here for further details

If you prefer bayonet cap lamp holders or E27 lamp holders you can use the same concept, we have detailed the components used in the kits and these are available as separate components on our website.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us




Retro Electric Cable

All of our electric cables are carriage free in the UK with orders over one metre being sent as a continuous length, minimum order just one metre. We have also introduced short length packs although these are limited availability (we also sell short lengths of chain on selected products).   Don’t forget our Lifetime Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme which applies discounts on qualifying orders.

As well as the classical colours commonly used in chandelier restoration and installation we also stock a large range of retro colours ideal for modern lighting, chandeliers, DIY and Interior Designers.

See our gallery below for a sample of flamboyant colours and traditional colours available – for our full range Click Here



Celebrating Our Modern Chandelier Crystal

At King’s Chandelier Services Ltd we are well known for our range of antique chandelier crystals but not always recognised as selling high quality modern chandelier crystal and coloured crystal so thought we would do a post dedicated to it.

Click here for full range






Lifetime Discount Scheme is launched

Everyone likes to be appreciated and to know their custom is valued and so to show our customers, new and old, our appreciation we have launched a Lifetime Discount Scheme.

Our discounts do not have an expiry date, once you have achieved a qualifying spend threshold the discount will automatically be applied to your order and each order thereafter – all the customer needs to do is ensure that they use the same email address when placing orders with us as the email address is automatically monitored to calculate the accrued spend.*

Discounts become applicable when the customers accrued qualifying spend, excluding carriage, reaches £150.00 and has three tiers in total with the discount increasing at each new threshold.  It does not matter if the customer does not order regularly the system will remember you and you will receive an email confirming when you reach a new discount level.  Please note refunds and partial refunds will be deducted from the accrued spend as appropriate.

The discount scheme is available to customers using the website or placing orders by telephone and  is not limited to UK customers only it is open to all our customers, as a thank you for their continued custom.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details or to place an order.

*If you change your email address you can update this in your account or alternatively you can contact us so we can update it for you.