King’s Chandelier Services – Chandelier Tip’s

As promised we will give you regular hints and tips to help you with your chandelier projects as well as news about our company, new products and events.  If there is ever anything that you need to know and we have not yet covered it drop us an email and we will do our best to help.

Firstly be warned chandelier restoration can become more than a hobby – it can become an obsession – but not to worry because Andrew is obsessive about chandeliers and so just about everything you need to renovate and restore your chandelier you can purchase from us.  We have had customers who have become so hooked on their chandelier restoration projects that they have telephoned us during dinner parties and even from hospital!

TIP:- Before you start ANY chandelier project, whether it is chandelier cleaning or chandelier restoration take photo’s.  If you are cleaning your chandelier this will help if you do have a little accident with a part (and then you can forward the photos to us for matching) and you will get great satisfaction from seeing the difference when you have finished cleaning your chandelier.

If you are restoring your chandelier, take photos of not only before you start to strip the chandelier down but at regular intervals – these will be so important when you come to re-assemble the chandelier.  If you then need some help you will be able to send us the photographs.

ANOTHER TIP:- Again BEFORE you start ANY chandelier project, but particularly for cleaning your chandelier put down a soft rug, carpet or cloth then if you do drop some crystal or glass chandelier drops the damage may be minimised.