How to pin chandelier crystals

One of the most common questions we are asked is “how do I pin my chandelier crystals”

Despite what you may believe this is a skill that most people can master, with practise, but other chandelier restoration companies may not want you to know this!

To verbally describe either via this blog or personally how to pin would probably put most people off as it would sound far more complex than it actually is and so for this reason Andrew has now posted a “How to pin chandelier crystals” video to YouTube.

You may want to view the video before buying all the necessary parts from our website or you may be ready to start pinning but are feeling a bit daunted at how to begin, either way Andrew talks you through each step with plenty of close up shots and of course you can play the video again and again.

In the video we are using 30mm and 40mm chandelier pins but we would recommend that you also watch if you have purchased chandelier pinning wire, bow tie clips or the chandelier connecting rings as Andrew gives tips on how to ensure that your completed strands of buttons hang neatly without sagging towards the floor.

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