Candle tubes, candle sleeves, candle covers

Sometimes looking for parts for your chandelier can be daunting as either you are uncertain what the part is called so cannot begin an effective search or each site you visit refers to them by different names.

On the King’s Chandelier Services website we endeavour to refer to as many terminology’s as possible;  one of the common parts with various names is the candle tube.

This part is to cover the lamp holder, hiding it from view and gives the illusion of a candle, imitating the style of candle chandeliers.

Some of the most common names are shown below:-

candle tube, candle sleeve, candle cover, candle covers, candle sleeves, candle tubes, lamp holder covers, decorative lamp holder covers, lamp holder sleeves, chandelier candle covers, chandelier candle sleeves, drip effect candle tubes, gothic candle sleeves, shabby chic candle sleeves, chandelier sleeve holders

To match the many names here at King’s we stock over 50 varieties of candle tubes, many of which can be customised to customers requirements in relation to height.  Please contact us if you wish to discuss customisation.

Our video “how to measure a candle tubes for your  chandelier and wall lights” offers advice on choosing  the size and style.

Over 50 different styles and sizes of candle tubes, candle sleeves and candle covers available from Kings Chandelier Services Ltd

This weekend is Birthday weekend at King’s Chandeliers

This weekend is birthday weekend at King’s Chandelier Services Ltd as it is eight years since the company was formed.  Over those eight years the company has expanded to incorporate Light-Fix, our sister website, the chandelier cleaning, chandelier restoration and chandelier spares and accessories departments.

Our services and products are international and not limited in who can purchase from us as we refuse to have a minimum order value – every order is important to us.

Our birthday celebrations include the reduction in postage charges on orders placed via our website, and these reductions are not just for the weekend! Our new workshop and photography studio have been completed in time for the birthday weekend allowing us to plan the new “How to” videos – links will be posted via our blog to keep you updated.

New product lines will be being added and with the delivery of a consignment of antique chandeliers and vintage spares you can expect over the coming months the chandelier spares and accessories sections to be updated.

Kings Chandeliers & the Asprey’s Emerald Collection

Kings Chandeliers & the Asprey’s Emerald Collection – a few years ago we were approached by a professional London photographer wishing to hire/borrow some of our antique crystal chandelier drops for a photo shoot for Asprey’s. On learning it was for nature of the photo shoot we chose our finest 18th Century hand cut chandelier crystals which are not for sale but are held in our own exclusive collection used for high end photo shoots and film productions.

The antique crystal was used as a back setting for an Asprey’s Emerald Collection of fine jewellery with prices exceeding 1.1 million pounds.

The article and photographs, including an acknowledgement to King’s Chandelier Services Ltd were featured in respected Newspapers and supplements including The Financial Times

wizards of emerld city 1wizards of emerld citywizards of emerld city 2

Chandelier Mis-haps!

In the months leading up to Christmas at King’s Chandelier Services Ltd we see an increase in the sale of antique and vintage crystal chandelier spares as clients restore and repair their chandeliers in readiness of the festive season – these slightly higher than usual sales continue into January following Christmas and New Year Party Mis-haps.

We will always do what we can to assist with the supply of authentic replacement vintage parts but would like to offer a few tips to try to minimise the upset of such mishaps.

Damage is generally caused by very similar accidents and incidents with the majority of people thinking that it could “only happen to them” in such a way.

A few simple things to remember over the festivities are:-

1. if your child received a football or the such as a present remind them the chandelier does not make a good
2. if new golf clubs were the gift again the golf swing needs to be practised out of reach of the chandelier!
3. Champagne to celebrate the incoming year – point the bottle away the from chandelier – those corks can fly!
4. Changing the light bulbs on the chandelier – remember support the chandelier arm and do not apply too much pressure – this
is one of the main causes of broken chandelier arms
5. Taking the chandelier down to protect it from damage over the festivities? Make sure it is properly supported and packed
away – do not place the chandelier on its arms the weight could be too much for them and cause cracks or complete breakages
6. Remember when carrying ladders or large items through the house to keep an eye out for the chandeliers and to tell
contractors you have chandeliers when they come to do work in your property

Everyone at King’s Chandelier Services Ltd would like to wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New year

How to measure a candle tube for your chandelier and wall lights

We promised in earlier blogs that King’s Chandelier Services Ltd would give you hints and tips to help your maintain and restore your chandeliers and wall lights without always having to go to the expense of paying for professional restoration. This video shows you how to easily measure for replacement candle tubes.

How to measure a candle tube for your chandelier and wall lights

We promised in earlier blogs that King’s Chandelier Services Ltd would give you hints and tips to help your maintain and restore your chandeliers and wall lights without always having to go to the expense of paying for professional restoration. This video shows you how to easily measure for replacement candle tubes.

King’s Chandelier Services Ltd have moved premises

Andrew and Nichola would like to wish you a Happy New Year and apologise for the lapse in our blogs but we do have a genuine reason.  King’s Chandelier Services Ltd has now moved to larger premises which will allow our company and product ranges to expand.

2013 will see the expansion of our chandelier restoration ranges, antique chandelier stocks previously held in storage added to our website and some exciting projects that will be announced during the course of the year.

Now we are settled in at our new premises we aim to resume our blogs with our hints and tips to assist you in your chandelier restoration and chandelier cleaning projects. 

If we haven’t covered a topic that is of particular interest to you please email us at and we will do our best to assist and if appropriate include on our blog.

Visit for all your chandelier restoration and lighting projects.


Chandelier Cleaning – King’s Chandelier Services Way

As promised in previous posts here at King’s Chandelier Services Ltd we will offer hints and tips through our blog to existing and soon to be chandelier owners and we listen to our customers as to those areas they want this help – this week chandelier cleaning has come out top of the how to list.

Summer and the long evenings are now fading away and will soon be a distant memory, now is the time for cosy evenings and for enjoying the beauty of your chandeliers.  Summer brings with it bugs and flies, Autumn Daddy long legs and of course we have the inevitable moths, all of these are attracted to electric lights and in just a few short months even the cleanest home ends up with a dusty and dirty chandelier!

Please don’t despair, caring for a chandelier does not need to be expensive, and whilst not wishing to do ourselves out of work, you do not always need to hire a chandelier cleaning company for the chandelier cleaning in your home, hotel, stately home etc.

As one of the leading chandelier cleaning companies in the UK King’s Chandelier Services are happy to pass on a few trade secrets to help you keep the costs down.

Getting Ready To Clean Your Chandelier – before getting ready to clean your chandelier visit to purchase your soft microfibre clothes and  tableau chandelier cleaner – once your order arrives you are ready for the following steps:-

  1. Remember to take photos – you may need these if you find that any of your chandelier crystals have been damaged, missing or if you have a little accident
  2. Remember to put down a soft matt, rug etc as this may help to minimise any damage if you knock loose a drop
  3. Your chandelier is an electrical item and therefore does not mix well with damp clothes so remember to TURN OFF the electric supply at the mains
  4. Always make sure that there are at least two people present when you clean your chandelier – this is for your safety
  5. If your chandelier is in a stairwell, above stairs or extremely high you will probably need a chandelier cleaning company such as King’s Chandelier Services Ltd however if your chandelier is easily accessible you will be able to use step ladders – make sure these are on a flat surface and that someone holds the ladder whilst someone is working on the ladder. NEVER EVER attempt to work on a ceiling hanging chandelier without someone securing the ladder and NEVER EVER stand right at the top of the ladder where you may over balance and fall.  If in doubt of your own abilities call a professional chandelier cleaning company such as ourselves.

Cleaning your chandelier

  1. Once you have received your order from King’s Chandelier Services and have  your chandelier cleaning “team”, soft coverings and ladders in place you are ready to think about the actual application of chandelier cleaning.
  2. Spray your microfibre cloth liberally with  tableau chandelier cleaner before you climb the ladder, do not take the can up the ladder with you as you need to be able to hold the ladder to keep yourself secure.
  3. When cleaning the chandelier remember DO NOT turn the chandelier, this may loosen the secure fittings, you need to descend the ladder and move the ladder so that you move around the chandelier NOT move the chandelier round to you.
  4. If you can try to take the crystals off to clean them in batches safely down from the ladder but if this is not possible then commence cleaning from the top of the chandelier down, using the same process for each crystal.
  5. Re-apply the tableau chandelier cleaner as required, changing the microfibre clothes as needed.
  6. Once each of the crystals has been cleaned, using a soft dry microfibre cloth to wipe over each of the crystals, if removing the crystals from the chandelier, once the crystals are re-hung wipe over the crystals again with the dry soft cloth.
  7. If you decide to remove the crystals and clean with any other substance than the recommended tableau chandelier cleaner available from King’s Chandelier Services Ltd, DO NOT put in boiling water or a dishwasher.
  8. If you have any brass or bronze work on your chandelier wipe this over with a dry soft microfibre cloth -DO NOT use any chemicals

More tips for chandelier restoration, purchasing chandelier spares and accessories from our website and much more will be coming soon so please sign up to follow our blogs

The Story behind King’s Chandelier Services Ltd

Whether you are new to chandeliers, have visited our website, are an existing client or have just found our blog King’s Chandelier Services have always prided ourselves on being friendly and approachable to everyone who takes the trouble to take an interest in our company.

There are important reasons to us for maintaining this approach, our first and main reason being  that when entering this profession we found that this was not an approach extended in the main to either clients or other professionals in the industry.  As our original concepts for the style of King’s Chandeliers were altered by circumstance as the company was officially formed this made it all the more important to ensure our customer base understood we offered a personal rather than impersonal service.

This brings us to “Who are King’s Chandelier Services Ltd” and how the original concepts were altered by circumstance.  The owner and Managing Director is Andrew King, his partner  Nichola Willett AICB CB.Cert,  is the Company Secretary.

With Andrew’s extensive background in restoration, antiques, chandelier cleaning and retail trade and Nichola’s strong financial and business background the original idea was to form a simple chandelier and restoration business based on the friendly and approachable concept.  Using Nichola’s network of business associates it was agreed the business be registered with Companies House as a Limited company and this is where the changes began!

We received a call from our agent handling the company formation to advise that in over 20 years he had never come across this but as Andrew’s name had Royal connections we needed permission from a particular government department to form the company in the name King.  After several nervous days, as we were able to prove that this was his birth name, permission was granted – by this time Andrew’s decision had been made – if he needed to get government permission for the company it was going to be a company worth noticing.

Our friendly approach was not going to alter but everything else was made to step up to the mark; stationary was designed with a regal style, uniforms followed suit and our webdesigner replicated the styles on line and with this a recognisable style was created.  This style has extended to the presentation and display of our extensive sales website allowing our images to be instantly recognisable as King’s Chandeliers products.

King’s Chandelier Services – Chandelier Tip’s

As promised we will give you regular hints and tips to help you with your chandelier projects as well as news about our company, new products and events.  If there is ever anything that you need to know and we have not yet covered it drop us an email and we will do our best to help.

Firstly be warned chandelier restoration can become more than a hobby – it can become an obsession – but not to worry because Andrew is obsessive about chandeliers and so just about everything you need to renovate and restore your chandelier you can purchase from us.  We have had customers who have become so hooked on their chandelier restoration projects that they have telephoned us during dinner parties and even from hospital!

TIP:- Before you start ANY chandelier project, whether it is chandelier cleaning or chandelier restoration take photo’s.  If you are cleaning your chandelier this will help if you do have a little accident with a part (and then you can forward the photos to us for matching) and you will get great satisfaction from seeing the difference when you have finished cleaning your chandelier.

If you are restoring your chandelier, take photos of not only before you start to strip the chandelier down but at regular intervals – these will be so important when you come to re-assemble the chandelier.  If you then need some help you will be able to send us the photographs.

ANOTHER TIP:- Again BEFORE you start ANY chandelier project, but particularly for cleaning your chandelier put down a soft rug, carpet or cloth then if you do drop some crystal or glass chandelier drops the damage may be minimised.