Chandelier Refurbishment

With the passing of the Christmas season you may be looking at your chandelier and thinking it is looking a little tired and sorry for it’s self.  Refurbishing your chandelier does not need to be expensive as it is not a full restoration, just a little TLC.

If you didn’t get a chance to clean your chandelier in the lead up to the festive season this can instantly transform the chandelier.  It also gives you a chance to check over the chandelier to make sure that all the crystals are in place and undamaged; you will also be able to see any that need re-pinning.

Replacing the odd crystal does not need to be expensive, we do not have a minimum order value on our website and our chandelier pins are available in small cost effective packs as well as larger quantities for a full chandelier restoration.  Dependant on the chandelier crystals and buttons that you are looking for you will find in both our antique  and modern chandelier parts that some are available in pack sizes as well as singles.

Whilst cleaning your chandelier you can check to see if any of the candle tubes need replacing or you may wish to change the style and colour of your candle tubes to revitalise the look of your chandelier – again you do not need to place a minimum order our candle tubes are available in singles as well.

Of course when cleaning your chandelier check your bulbs are all working correctly.

REMEMBER when cleaning your chandelier ensure the electrical supply is switched off, do not expose the electrics to liquids and move yourself and your ladder around the chandelier do not turn the chandelier to you – you may unscrew the fixings.






The Story behind King’s Chandelier Services Ltd

Whether you are new to chandeliers, have visited our website, are an existing client or have just found our blog King’s Chandelier Services have always prided ourselves on being friendly and approachable to everyone who takes the trouble to take an interest in our company.

There are important reasons to us for maintaining this approach, our first and main reason being  that when entering this profession we found that this was not an approach extended in the main to either clients or other professionals in the industry.  As our original concepts for the style of King’s Chandeliers were altered by circumstance as the company was officially formed this made it all the more important to ensure our customer base understood we offered a personal rather than impersonal service.

This brings us to “Who are King’s Chandelier Services Ltd” and how the original concepts were altered by circumstance.  The owner and Managing Director is Andrew King, his partner  Nichola Willett AICB CB.Cert,  is the Company Secretary.

With Andrew’s extensive background in restoration, antiques, chandelier cleaning and retail trade and Nichola’s strong financial and business background the original idea was to form a simple chandelier and restoration business based on the friendly and approachable concept.  Using Nichola’s network of business associates it was agreed the business be registered with Companies House as a Limited company and this is where the changes began!

We received a call from our agent handling the company formation to advise that in over 20 years he had never come across this but as Andrew’s name had Royal connections we needed permission from a particular government department to form the company in the name King.  After several nervous days, as we were able to prove that this was his birth name, permission was granted – by this time Andrew’s decision had been made – if he needed to get government permission for the company it was going to be a company worth noticing.

Our friendly approach was not going to alter but everything else was made to step up to the mark; stationary was designed with a regal style, uniforms followed suit and our webdesigner replicated the styles on line and with this a recognisable style was created.  This style has extended to the presentation and display of our extensive sales website allowing our images to be instantly recognisable as King’s Chandeliers products.